Qui docet, discit
He who teaches, learns

The members listed below have offered to act as mentors to any member of the club who would like to have hands on instruction. This is a great way for beginning turners to quickly learn basic skills and and how to be safe while turning. It is also an opportunity for more advanced turners to develop new ideas and skills. The Mentors can all teach basic skills and have also listed specific topics they are interested in or with which they have more advanced skills. Also listed is whether the mentor prefers your shop, his/her shop or either.

NamePhone NumberSkill to TeachWhere
Ralph Callander305 525-0319Sharpening, Basic to Advanced Hollow Form, Tool MakingMine
Joe Dion 786 371-7403
David Freundlich 305 256-7805 Sharpening, Spindle, Natural Edge, IkeBana, Tools, Bowls Either
Jay Hakerem 305 610-3150 Carving, Piercing, Colouring, Thin Turning
Joe Roig 305 271-8059 Bowl from a Board